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South Carolina Gators Basketball Club

About Stanley Kowalewski: A longtime basketball coach for middle school, high school, and college, as well as for American Athletic Union (AAU) boys programs, Stanley Kowalewski has led many teams to conference victories. Named Metro Conference Coach of the Year while at High Point Central High School in North Carolina, he continues his 17-year involvement in youth sports as a volunteer coach and as the president of the South Carolina Gators Basketball Club.

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 11.09.40 AMThe members of the South Carolina Gators Basketball Club have begun preparations for the summer’s AAU Championships. As one of the oldest amateur sports organizations, the AAU hosts the events to allow registered members across the country the opportunity to bring their teams together for fun, friendly competition in basketball and other sports.

As a member of the AAU, the South Carolina Gators recently attended the 14U State AAU Championship for eighth grade boys Division I teams, held in Lexington, South Carolina, in May 2013. Now, the teams continue preparations for the National Championships, which will take place July 11 through July 17 in Orlando, Florida. Prior to the championships, the Gators will also travel to the Nationals Warm-Up in Pawyleys Island, South Carolina, at the end of June.


Coach Stanley Kowalewski on the Philosophy of Coaching Youth Basketball

Stanley Kowalewski is the founder and president of the South Carolina Gators Basketball Club in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. He has coached more than 1,000 games over the 16 years of his coaching career and has led his teams to many successful seasons and national championship games. Coach Kowalewski introduces below his philosophy on coaching youth basketball.

Coaches can play an important role in the mental, social, and physical development of young athletes. The coach-player relationship is an important one for many players and may encourage them to seek out mentorships later in life. As many young players look to their coaches as role models, coaches have a responsibility to teach players good habits and positive behaviors. The lessons learned in team sports can stay with children for the remainder of their lives.

Every coach is different, and the first thing a coach should do is to establish a philosophy and priorities that fit with team goals. Coaches must pick and choose what to emphasize during practice to make their teams stronger and more successful.

Stanley Kowalewski: Basketball Passing Basics

In addition to being a standout college hoops star, Stanley Kowalewski has been coaching the sport since 1995. He currently serves as President and Head Basketball Coach for the South Carolina Gators Basketball Club, Head Basketball Coach for the North Carolina Gaters, and Assistant Boys Basketball Coach at Waccamaw Middle School in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. Here, he provides some insight into the fundamentals of the four basic basketball passes that all players should understand.

Basketball Falling Towards the HoopBouncing: Players should attempt to bounce the ball hard enough to reach their teammate’s waist upon catching. Consistent backspin and practice are needed for passers to be able to judge their own abilities.

From The Chest: This pass originates from the chest with the player using both hands to propel the ball to a teammate. The follow-through should conclude with the back of the hands facing one another, resulting in a backspin.

Wrap-Around: A one-handed pass, the wrap-around consists of tossing the ball around the side of a defender and can either be bounced or thrown through the air.

Over The Head: This pass is performed by bringing the ball above the head with both hands, then releasing toward a teammates upper body.